Sonny Angel Terrace 3rd anniversary campaign announcement

6Kinds + Secret

March 19,2020 marks 3rd anniversary of Sonny Angel Terrace Ishigaki.
We’re excited to celebrate our 3rd anniversary together. We are going to provide “3rd anniversary figure” , which is reproduced version of opening anniversary special pineapple minifigure, on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Thank you all for your love and support over the past 3 years!!
We are constantly striving to improve our customer service even further, and we are looking forward to meet you.

*Please make sure to follow [RULES AND REGULATIONS] for 3rd anniversary campaign.

Campaigns period

Starting March 19, 2020 and ending August 31, 2020
*While supplies last. End early when supply ends.

Campaigns detail

Spend JPY11,000 or more in a single transaction at Sonny Angel Terrace Ishigaki and get “3rd anniversary figure “.
*Limited one figure per person.
*3rd anniversary campaign is only for Sonny Angel Store members. If you are not applied for Sonny Angel Store member, please make your account online before your visit or sign up at Sonny Angel Terrace Ishigaki.

*This figure design will be same as opening anniversary special pineapple, back sheet is designed new for 3rd anniversary.


Limited one figure per person during campaigns period.
3rd anniversary campaign is open only to those who come to Sonny Angel Terrace Ishigaki.
*You want to get giveaway on behalf of someone else, please make an account when you visit Sonny Angel Terrace.
Sonny Angel Korea Store member: sorry for inconvenience, we cannot add SA point to your account due to the system settings.
Sonny Angel Taiwan Store member: you can save SA point, please show us your point card.
It does not allow those reservation/ purchase using with fake names and other personal information.
In accordance with Sonny Angel Store’s agreement, it does not allow a single person to make multiple accounts. If we find any suspicious accounts, we’ll disable those accounts.
There may be times when we are going to disable and delete those member accounts who purchase for resale and causing trouble to others.
Payment is JPY11, 000 or more in a single transaction only, cannot combine multiple transaction into one.
It does not allow things which Member barcode of screenshot or copy print when we confirmed your Sonny Angel Store member, please show us correct Member barcode after login official website. (Free wi-fi is available at here)
Those customers who cannot receive email send from us and don’t have an active phone number are ineligible in this campaign, because they are unable to join Sonny Angel Store member.
Children under pre-school are ineligible in this campaign.
There may be times when we need to check your ID to confirm your identity.
This campaign is subject to change or cancel without notice.
“Sonny Angel Terrace Online” purchase is not covered in this campaign.

Reserve Online, Pick Up In-Store

Our giveaways are on a first-come-first-serve basis, and while supplies last.
No worry, the reservation service is available if you provide us specific visiting date to Ishigaki during the campaign period.
Please fill out the Reservation Form.

Please note, this Reservation Form does not complete your request.
We will get back to you about reservation status on that within 2 days via email after checked it up stock.
*There is a possibility that we will not be able to help your request if giveaways are out of stock.

You can change [Preferred visit date] after completed your request.
If you did not visit without notice over a week, your reservation will automatically be cancelled.

Provided private information can only be used for this campaign, it won't be used for any purpose other in accordance with Sonny Angel Store privacy policy.