First ever Sonny Angel offline store opens in Ishigaki Island!

“I discovered Ishigaki Island through my love of Sonny Angel.”
“I learned about Sonny Angel after visiting Ishigaki Island.”

Our very first official Sonny Angel offline store, Sonny Angel Terrace opened on March 19th, 2017 on Ishigaki Island. Here we embark on a new style of Sonny Angel that is inspired by the tropical setting of beautiful Okinawa.

Sonny Angel Terrace

With a cute wooden deck entrance, the store interior exudes a calming resort style for a relaxed shopping experience. From the store you can admire the great ocean view which is at best during sunset. Feel the time slow down and soak in the tropical atmosphere as you shop.

Other than our usual regular Sonny Angel mini figure series, we have many special products that are exclusive only to Sonny Angel Terrace. We hope you will find something you will enjoy at our store.


Only a minute away from Ishigaki Harbor Ritoh Terminal, Sonny Angel Terrace is located in the central area making it easy to navigate around and enjoy Ishigaki Island to its fullest. When you come visit us, do make sure to bring your little Sonny Angel companion with you to enjoy the trip together!
We hope your trip to our store and Ishigaki Island will be one to remember.