What are SA Points?

SA Point

SA Points (Sonny Angel Points) are points you can collect and exchange for special products at our official online Sonny Angel Store. By collecting SA Points, you can also increase your membership rank and receive additional benefits!
You can collect SA Points by shopping at our online Sonny Angel Store, or by purchasing Sonny Angel items from our offline store, Sonny Angel Terrace.

SA Point Exchange Items

SA Point

There are all sorts of special items you can exchange your SA Points for! You can check them out here at our online Sonny Angel Store.

Online Membership Rank

SA Point

When you sign-up for an account at our online Sonny Angel Store and purchase items, your membership rank will be determined by how many SA Points you collect.
Please click here to read more about membership ranks.

Collecting SA Points Offline

SA Point

  1. You must sign-up for an account at our online Sonny Angel Store before you can collect points. You can sign-up here. (membership is free!) If you already have an account, log-in and show your account information at the Sonny Angel Terrace store counter. (SA points are unfortunately not available at our Korea offline stores.)
  2. When paying for your items at the counter, log-in to your account and show the Sonny Angel Terrace store staff your MEMBERSHIP BARCODE. The link to the barcode can be found on the left menu when accessing your My Account page. (If the barcode fails to load, please clear your browser cache / website data and try once again.)
  3. SA Points will be added the following day after your purchase. You can check your current points and membership rank by accessing SA POINT & MEMBER RANK on your My Account page.