Enjoy Summer Together With Sonny Angel! Photo Contest 2017

Come participate in our Summer photo contest this year!
We will be accepting entries from Instagram, Weibo and also directly from this website.
Check out the special prizes below, including the Yaeyama Prizes which can be won by taking photos at Yaeyama Islands (Okinawa) with Sonny Angel.
We hope you will create wonderful summertime memories together with Sonny Angel!


Winning Prize

Special Sonny Angel Minifigure
(Up to 100 winners)

Grand Prize

Special Sonny Angel Minifigure
Pair Return Ticket to Ishigaki Island
(Up to 1 winner)

Weibo Prize

Special Sonny Angel Minifigure
Sonny Angel Terrace Goods Set
(Up to 5 winners)

This set includes original Sonny Angel Terrace goods – beach sandals, face towel and a medium sized pouch.

Yaeyama Specialty Set (A)

Special Sonny Angel Minifigure
Yaeyama Specialty Set (Kamaboko Fish Cake)
(Up to 5 winners)

Marmiya Kamaboko Set
In business for more than 70 years, Marimiya brand Kamaboko (fish cake) is a well loved local delicacy in Yaeyama, Okinawa. This set includes award-winning dishes “Gobou-ten” (burdock fish cake) and “Mozuku” (edible seaweed).

Yaeyama Specialty Set (B)

Special Sonny Angel Minifigure
Yaeyama Specialty Set (Special Seasonings)
(Up to 1 winner)

Special Seasoning Set from Ishigaki Pinion
Ishigaki Pinion brand’s special additive-free seasonings, made from fresh island ingredients. The chili oil and dressings can be used to complete any dish and add extra flavor.


Please choose from the 3 following ways to participate in this contest.

Website Entry Form

Fill out the entry form at the bottom of this page to enter.



Take or Select Photo

On Instagram, please choose or take your entry photo.



Make sure to include #enjoywithsa2017 on your entry post.



Please follow our official Instagram accounts @sonnyangeljapan and @sonny_angel_terrace.



All winners will be informed via Instagram DM from our @sonny_angel_terrace account.



Take Photo

Take your entry photo on the Weibo app.



Make sure to include #enjoywithsa2017# on your entry post.



Please follow our official Weibo account “SonnyAngel_official”.



All winners will be informed via Weibo DM from our “SonnyAngel_official” account.


Entry Period: July 19th ~ September 30th, 2017 (until 24:00 JST)

Qualifications for Entering

  • For Instagram Participants: Must follow our @sonnyangeljapan and @sonny_angel_terrace Instagram accounts.
  • For Weibo Participants: Must follow our SonnyAngel_official Weibo account.
  • Must agree to our terms & conditions below.
  • Must be able to communicate via DM or email in Japanese, English or Chinese.

※ Contest is not open to employees of Dreams Inc., its subsidiaries, or affiliates.

Announcement of Winning Photos

Expected to be revealed during mid-October, 2017.

Number of Winners

Up to 100 winners
※ There may be fewer number of winners, depending on final judgement of photos.

Announcement of Winners

We will select winners and inform via direct message or email, depending on your entry platform.
(Winners please make sure to reply within the time period stated in the message we send to you, otherwise you may not be able to receive your prize.)

After the contest ends, we will announce and post winners and their winning entries on our official website.

Delivery of Prize

Prizes will be delivered after announcing winners. Please not that there may be delays depending on certain circumstances.


Participant of this photo contest organized by Dreams Okinawa Inc., shall be deemed to have consented to the following terms and conditions. This contest is open to every Sonny Angel fans under agreement with the terms and conditions below. Participants need to be able to communicate in Japanese, English or Chinese to enter this contest.


  • Participants should be individuals. If individuals participate with numerous Instagram/Weibo/email accounts, all of the accounts will not be eligible to enter.
  • Participants must be able to communicate in Japanese, English or Chinese.
  • Participants can submit as many photos as they would like.
  • Works that have won prizes in other contests or that have been submitted to other contests currently underway are not eligible.
  • Entry is limited to original works in which the entrant holds all applicable rights to.
  • Dreams Okinawa Inc. will not bear any responsibility in cases where infringement of third party’s rights are threatened (e.g. portrait rights) due to the submitted pictures.
  • Participants must take responsibility in taking part in this contest and for the pictures they submit to our contest.
  • If we are notified with a complaint by a third party because of participants’ photos, participants may be charged for any expenses involved for resolving the issue.
  • If we find any infringement of rights in the submitted pictures, the pictures will not be eligible for this contest.
  • Although the rights of the photo belongs to the photographer, participants should note that their submitted photos may be used for our advertisements or PR activities.
  • Submitted photos may be edited or modified by us when we publish, exhibit or use photos for events and PR activities.
  • Right to be selected as a winner will be forfeited if participants delete submitted photos, quit following our official social media accounts, and set privacy setting on during the contest and before the announcing of winners.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about this contest, please contact us from the contact form on this website. However, please note that we will not accept any technical questions about Instagram or Weibo.
  • We will also not accept any questions regarding the judgement and/or confirmation of entry submissions.
  • There is no relation between this contest, Instagram, Facebook Inc. or Weibo. Instagram, Facebook and Weibo will not offer support services or be involved with this contest.
  • Participants shall be deemed to have consented to the responsibility of any data communication charge involved.

Alternation, Discontinuance, Cancellation or Closing of this Contest

  • Dreams Okinawa Inc. is eligible to alter, discontinue or cancel all/a part of this contest at anytime under our own circumstances. Please be aware that we will not bear full responsibility for any damage/disadvantages occurred due to the alternation, discontinuance, cancellation or closing of this contest.

Winners & Prizes

  • We will announce to winners via Instagram DM, Weibo DM or email depending on the participant`s entry platform.
  • If winner does not reply to the DM/email before the contest deadline, the winner shall be deemed to have consented to abandonment of winning rights.
  • Winners cannot hand over the right of their prize/s to another, as well as sell or exchange prizes for money or other items. Only the winner may accept the prize. If winners themselves cannot accept the prize, he/she shall be deemed to have consented to abandonment of winning rights.
  • If winner is a minor (under 20 years old in Japan), he/she requires parental consent, and needs to submit an agreement document on request.
  • We will not bear full responsibility for any accidents or injury caused when using the prize/s received.
  • We will directly contact winners on how we deliver the prizes. Please note that we will not deliver prize to the address that is not the winner’s.
  • We will pay for the delivery of prizes. However for international shipping, winners may be charged for customs duties which we will not be responsible for.
  • Please note that prizes may be slightly different from the images shown.
  • Winners will be contacted directly with more detailed information about their winnings.

Handling of Personal Information

We will contact winners directly to ask for personal information (e.g. shipping address for the delivery of prize/s).

  1. Purpose of Collecting Participants’ Personal Information
    We will use personal information (shipping address, phone number, name, and date of birth (to check if you are a minor or not)) in order to deliver prizes to winners.
  2. Providing Personal Information to a Third Party
    For the purpose mentioned in the previous paragraph, we may consign participants’ personal information to a third party. (e.g. Winner’s address will be given to the postal service to successfully deliver their prize). In this case, we will take responsibility for our actions when sharing personal information from our company directly to a third party. 
  3. Unauthorized Access to Personal Information
    We will try our best to protect and manage personal information when operating this contest. However, please understand the risks involved with using the Internet before you participate in this contest.
    In the possible case where a third party may leak and/or use personal information in an illegal and/or unauthorized manner, we will not bear any responsibility unless there is strong reason for us to be at fault. 
  4. For any other information about handling of personal information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

We may revise these guidelines according to the law revision or change of our business content.
When we revise the guidelines, we will announce to all participants on our website. 

July 19th, 2017.

This photo contest is now closed.
A big thank you for everyone who participated!
Contest results will be announced around October, so please stay tuned.